Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

January, 2023

The Birley's Club x French Bloom: A festive and successful Dry January in London

Annabel's, Mark's Club, Daphne's, Harry's, Bath & Racquets, Sexy Fish and Bacchanalia, the best of London dining and nightlife are a promise for unforgettable moments. For this new edition of Dry January, the party temples of The Birley's Club group take up the challenge for even more memorable moments of conviviality. The experts at these iconic venues have chosen 0.0% French Bloom sparkling wines as their partner to keep the night buzzing. Le Blanc and Le Rosé are the must-have alcohol-free festive drinks for Dry January on the Sparkling menu. The members of these legendary nocturnal sanctuaries will be able to cheers to the future, without moderation!


French Bloom and The Birleys Club showcase this new vision of alcohol-free celebration

After the holiday season, many people want to start off on a healthier foot for the new year. The Dry January challenge is a great way to get motivated and reflect on your alcohol consumption. But who says you have to leave the party behind? French Bloom and The Birley’s Club are the "partners without crime" for Londoners who want to make this alcohol-free month as successful as it is festive. During the first 31 days of the year, members of these prestigious clubs in the English capital will be able to taste by the glass or by the bottle the different non-alcoholic cuvees of the French Bloom house. At the bar or at dinner, Le Blanc and Le Rosé are the must-haves to ensure you keep the party atmosphere going during your January evenings out. 

New non-alcoholic cocktails created by the talented mixologists of Birley's Club for Dry January

With friends or for a romantic tête-à-tête, members of The Birley's Club establishments will enjoy a sophisticated taste experience thanks to the non-alcoholic French Bloom creations dedicated to Dry January. Created by talented mixologists, the non-alcoholic cocktails offered are a clever blend of delicate flavors, sophisticated textures and captivating fragrances. Inspired by French Bloom’s two organic cuvees, a true sensory journey is proposed to members sitting at the bar of the prestigious clubs of Annabel's and Daphne's group. The experts of the science of flavors propose three detonating creations, for the greatest pleasure of all. Thanks to these compositions without alcohol, the followers of
Dry January will be able to continue to taste the joys of the celebration without moderation.