Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

JULY 2023

She Inspires: French Bloom’s arrival in Chicago with Biân!

Last week, Chicago's Private Social & Wellness Club Biân witnessed a spectacular event that brought together the city’s most inspirational women from all walks of life in a celebration of entrepreneurship, wellness, and influential vision. The She Inspires Series, designed to empower and bring together inspirational women, hosted by the prestigious French alcohol-free sparkling wines French Bloom was an absolute hit. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy, as ladies indulged in the sophisticated Le Rosé and Le Blanc non-alcoholic cuvées, ensuring unforgettable tastings while discovering more about their inner force to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Biân, the perfect place for an inspirational event

French Bloom invited inspiring women from Chicago for an event that catered to the diverse interests of Chicago's dynamic women, all while highlighting the essence of their non-alcoholic brand. The venue, Private Social & Wellness Club Biân, was in total symbiosis with French Bloom’s message. Biân, the first of its kind, opened its 30,000 square feet private members club in Downtown Chicago in 2020. As a trailblazer in the luxury health and wellness space, Biân offers its members the best in fitness, wellness, beauty, and business – all in an effort to help enhance their wellbeing and work/life balance from one luxurious location. As guests mingled, enlightened conversation and deep reflections filled the air, forging new relations over the shared love for French Bloom's sparkling wines and female entrepreneurship.

Co-hosted by French Bloom’s Co-Founder Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger and Biân’s Co-Founder Mar Soraparu, the guests could not have been in better hands. Maggie, being a Chicago native and Mar, being the Chief Wellness Officer of Biân, both women founders, set the inspirational tone for the rest of the evening. A flute of the non-alcoholic sparkling wine in hand, all the attendees were captivated by the speeches about the importance of a wellness balance, especially social wellness, resulting in an evening that will not be forgotten any time soon.


Empowered women, the recipe for any success

What sets French Bloom apart from other non-alcoholic brands is their unwavering commitment to producing organic and vegan sparkling wines. This dedication to ethical practices not only aligns with the wellness-conscious mindset of modern women but also ensures that every sip is a guilt-free delight. Which is why Biân was the perfect place to host it in Chicago.

The event's success stemmed from French Bloom's ability to resonate with the attendees on multiple levels. Lawyers, physicians, neuroscientists, educators, business owners, philanthropists, and artists, the very best Chicago has to offer, all attended the event. French Bloom's sparkling wines proved to be the ideal companions for this memorable occasion.

As the event drew to a close, the lingering delight on the faces of the attendees was evidence of the profound impact of French Bloom's Program had. Beyond creating a memorable tasting experience, the event fostered a vibrant community of women appreciating wellness and motivation.

French Bloom's journey ahead

The French Bloom event in Chicago was more than just a gathering to taste alcohol-free sparkling wines. It was an entire program and experience that celebrated and educated women on personal growth, initiatives, wellness, and community, all while savoring the crisp and organic delights of French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wines. As the brand continues to grow, its commitment to quality, sustainability, and creating sincere moments and connection will undoubtedly secure its place in the hearts and palates of epicureans across the US. The She Inspires Series will continue to grow and be a vector of the Women’s movement across the world. So, raise a glass (of French Bloom, of course) to the exciting journey that lies ahead!