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Are you at the right place ?


How should you sip French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wines?

Welcome to the vibrant world of alcohol-free sparkling wine! We're going to explore the best glass to enjoy the delightful effervescence of French Bloom, a premium non-alcoholic alternative. So, grab a flute and let's dive into a playful journey of sipping and savoring this bubbly delight! Choosing the right glassware can elevate your drinking experience, whether you're indulging in a classic champagne or an alcohol-free alternative like French Bloom. While there are various options available, our quest for the perfect glass to showcase French Bloom's effervescence has led us to the elegant flute.

A sparkling glass adventure with alcohol-free organic sparkling wine French Bloom

The flute glass, with its tall, slender shape and narrow rim, provides the optimal vessel for capturing and preserving French Bloom's enchanting fine bubbles. As the bubbles rise, they gather at the top, forming a mesmerizing effervescent display. The narrow opening helps retain the fine sparkle at its best, allowing you to enjoy their delightful dance as you take each sip. 

Beyond the visual appeal, the flute glass also enhances the aromatic experience of French Bloom. Its elongated shape concentrates the wine's aromas, creating a more intense and pleasurable olfactory sensation. The delicate floral notes and fruity hints of French Bloom are beautifully showcased in a flute, tantalizing your senses with every sip.

You can test it out yourself by trying out our Discovery Set. It includes one bottle of Le Blanc, one bottle of Le Rosé and two French Bloom flutes. The perfect way for you to taste our alcohol-free cuvées and sipping it in the perfectly shaped flutes made especially for enjoying French Bloom.

Elevating the moment with a singular tasting experience with French Bloom

The flute’s design not only captures the essence of French Bloom visually and aromatically but also elevates the overall tasting experience. Its elongated shape allows the wine to flow smoothly towards the tip of your tongue, accentuating the flavors and ensuring a delightful, balanced sip every time.

Let’s not forget the tactile pleasure of holding a flute glass. Its slender stem allows you to hold it comfortably without warming the wine, keeping the French Bloom perfectly chilled. The elegance of the flute also adds a touch of sophistication to your drinking experience, making it a truly delightful indulgence.

When it comes to enjoying the enchanting fine bubbles of French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wine, the flute reigns supreme. Its slender shape, captivating visual display, and heightened aromatic experience make it the ideal glassware choice. So, grab your flute, raise a toast, and let the effervescence of French Bloom transport you to a world of indulgence, all while relishing the non-alcoholic goodness!