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Are you at the right place ?


Friendsgiving: When More is Always Merrier

As the leaves turn to ocher hues and the air carries the promise of winter, we approach a time of heartfelt celebration, reflection, and conviviality. Today we witness Thanksgiving, a traditional homage to gratitude, evolving into a more inviting affair with “Friendsgiving,”. This modern twist calls for open doors, open hearts, and of course, open bottles of French Bubbly flowing as freely as the conversation.

But what are the required ingredients to make a Friendsgiving affair truly unforgettable? We turned to French Bloom co-founder and commensurate entertainer Constance Jablonski to uncork the essence of entertaining during this season of togetherness.

With Constance’s expert tips in hand, your Friendsgiving is set to be a celebration of inclusivity, warmth, and shared joy. A table lined with glasses of French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wine, a room humming with music, filled with laughter, and hearts warmed by the company and the memories created—this is the art of Friendsgiving. This is the art of opening your home, not just to friends, but to possibilities, to new traditions, and to moments that will be toasted for years to come.

Thoughtful Seating for Spirited Conversations

Constance suggests the best conversation begins with the artful crafting of a seating chart. “Consider your table as a tapestry of personalities," she says. "Weave together guests with common threads, ensuring a tapestry rich with conversation.” With decorative place cards, you guide your guests not just to a seat, but towards potential new friendships. As the host, station yourself as a central node, accessible to all and ready to cater to the flow of the evening.

Set the Tone with a Signature Cocktail

"Your signature cocktail," Constance reveals, “is as much a feast for the eyes as it is a treat for the palate. It’s more than just a welcome beverage. It’s an invitation to indulge, to savor, and to toast to the camaraderie and the celebration of togetherness." Being handed a beautifully crafted cocktail upon arrival is the first chapter of an event that promises to unfold with elegance and excitement, setting the tone, and inviting your guests to partake in the narrative of the event. For a Friendsgiving that exudes sophistication, she suggests drinking combinations that marry the conviviality of sparkling wine with a twist of innovation. Picture a 'Bloom Royale', where the vibrant blush of pomegranate or a drizzle of elderflower cordial dances with the effervescence of French Bloom Le Blanc alcohol-free French Bubbly, crowned with a sprig of rosemary or thyme. Alternatively, concoct a 'Sparkling Harvest'—a mingling of crisp apple cider with a generous splash of sparkling wine, garnished with a cinnamon stick for a hint of spice that complements the fall season’s palate. 

A Toast for All 

"Every toast should be inclusive," assures Constance. "With French Bloom's organic, non-alcoholic sparkling wines, Le Blanc and Le Rosé, every guest can partake in the celebratory clinking of glasses." Offering a wine selection that respects the preferences and dietary restrictions of all your guests ensures that no one misses out on the toast that sets the tone for a joyous event.

The Rhythmic Heart of the Party 

"Music," Constance smiles, "is the unseen guest at every table." Curate a playlist that complements the evening’s theme, but remains a subtle backdrop to the chatter. The choice of music should be a careful balance that invites warmth and enhances the mood without overpowering the banquet of conversations.

Playful Interludes

As courses transition and the plates are cleared, Constance recommends light-hearted games to keep the energy buoyant. "A round of 'Guess that Song' or lively charades can bridge gaps between generations and acquaintances.” Games are the kindling for laughter’s flame, sparking joy and memorable moments.

Memories in the Making

And to close the evening? "Gifts that echo the sentiment of the night,” says Constance. She suggests a small token—a novel that has touched you recently, or a handwritten quote in a charming notebook. “These are the embers of the evening's joy, carried home.”

In true French Bloom style, every detail is a thread in the tapestry of an inclusive, joyous celebration. It's a Friendsgiving that sparkles with more than just alcohol-free French Bubbly; it's about crafting a space where everyone belongs, where the warmth is palpable, and where every moment is savored.

A Friendsgiving with French Bloom isn't just a dinner; it’s an experience. It begins with a glass filled with the finest non-alcoholic effervescence and unfolds into an evening where every element is curated with intention. From the seating chart that fosters connection to the universal language of music to set the tone, from the playful interludes that ignite laughter to the parting gifts that extend the warmth of the evening far beyond the final farewell.

As you raise your glass this Friendsgiving, may it be with the spirit of true thanksgiving—for good food, for better company, and for the best of times, shared together under the banner of inclusivity and joy. Cheers to that!

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