Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

March, 2023

French Bloom partners with LeadHers to support the next generation of women changemakers

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the female-founded organic and alcohol-free sparkling wine house French Bloom announces a new partnership with LeadHers, an innovative non-profit  organization dedicated to supporting  a new generation of women through mentorship. Leadhers' mission is to increase the proportion of women who reach senior positions by mentoring promising young students in their professional debut. The choice to support this organization was solidified by shared values of inspiration and, as well as the background of French Bloom’s two co-founders Maggie FrereJean Taittinger and Constance Jablonski.

LeadHers was born out of the belief that behind every successful woman is a wealth of advice, sponsorship and support at every step along the way. LeadHers’ mission is to act as a bridge between our community of accomplished women and the upcoming generations. We want to make sure that the two can connect in an efficient and entertaining way.

French Bloom and LeadHers create unforgettable encounters between women from all walks of life

Like the alcohol-free organic sparkling wine house founded by two female entrepreneurs, LeadHers' is anchored around knowledge transmission and creating memorable moments across generations. The action
led by Clémence Mauchamp and Jessica Robell brings together a network of female professionals who are recognized in their respective fields and promising young students. Because each meeting is accompanied by a wealth of learning, LeadHers helps create long-term links that contribute to the success of each.

“In starting French Bloom, Constance and I have been supported by many women who’ve encouraged us to break the barriers in the wine-industry, which has been traditionally male-dominated.  Female investors, strategic board members, partners and customers have been an integral part of our success to date, and we are grateful. 


We are thrilled to partner with LeadHers this March, a wonderful organization committed to providing personalized mentorship programs to young women who are beginning to carve out their careers.” Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger, cofounder of French Bloom

Maggie FrereJean-Taittinger joins the program as a mentor for the younger generation

Museum founders, bank directors, or innovative business leaders, LeadHers mentors come from all industries. These women with exemplary professional careers take under their wings promising  female university  students to help them express their full potential. Throughout the year, numerous encounters are organized around dinners for mentors and the next generation to exchange ideas to find their perfect match. This year, Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger joins this community to accompany a young and daring woman in achieving her professional ambitions. The co-founder of French Bloom will share her journey from Culinary expert to wine and champagne entrepreneur and her daily life as a female leader.

French Bloom donates a portion of its sales to LeadHers for International Women's Day

The organic alcohol-free sparkling wine house commits to help  advance the next generation of women leaders.  Throughout the week of March 6, French Bloom will donate 10% of all online sales to the association Leadhers. 100% of funds donated will allow the association to continue its important work to accompany young women in their professional debut.